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Leveraging Data-Driven Insights
Thousands of comprehensive evaluations each year provide a valid and efficacious dataset that drives SKS product development.
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SKS Intellectual Property Developed by Our Experts

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on providing data-driven insights to our clients so they are able to make better, more informed talent management decisions. Our doctoral-level consultants and HR data analysts have mined our extensive SKS dataset to build a best-in-class Competency Model and rigorous Leadership Potential Model.

The SKS Competency Model

The SKS Competency Model is an objective, data-driven model built by our team of doctoral-level psychologists and human resources data analysts. It is based on comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analyses of thousands of leaders in a variety of business settings. Leveraging decades of data and expertise, SKS Consulting Group built The SKS Competency Model on the following criteria:

  • Professional standards for construct and content validity
  • Attributes which can be measured reliably and accurately
  • Characteristics that matter most for success in a work environment
  • Appropriate for use across multiple applications – selection, development, and leadership performance individually and within teams
  • User friendliness and utility for both the talent management practitioner and individual leader

The SKS competencies are organized under four foundations of performance: Relationships, Results, Insights, and Leadership.

Interpretation and User Guide

We have created a valuable resource for you to better understand the SKS competency framework and an introduction to the SKS Competency Model itself.
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The Leadership Potential Model

The SKS Leadership Potential Model is a robust, data-based framework for identifying those leaders that have the capacity to grow over time, meeting the increased scope and complexity demands associated with higher levels of leadership.

The 3 Pillars of High-Potential Leaders

A comprehensive analysis of SKS’s psychometric data across thousands of leaders suggests that there are three key pillars that should be used to identify high-potential leaders.


Leadership Capacity

Individuals high in leadership capacity are decisive, driven, and exhibit initiative. They are comfortable taking the lead and providing direction for individuals and teams.


Change Agility

Individuals high in change agility prefer variety and enjoy trying out new things. They are curious, life-long learners who actively seek out opportunities to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.


Career Motivation

Individuals high in career motivation are ambitious and career-oriented. They enjoy working toward demanding goals and targets that exceed expectations.

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Let’s talk about how to put our expertise to work for you.
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The Power of Data-Driven Decisions

“SKS helped us build a framework & metrics for our talent management system that led to improvements in acquisition, onboarding, bench strength & engagement across the board.”
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“SKS delivered a strong leadership development survey & training curriculum tailored to help our teams increase their resilience, enhance productivity, increase confidence & ultimately reach our aggressive sales goals.”
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“Our organization needed to assess leadership potential across the world & identify who was best equipped to take on new & increasing responsibility. SKS developed a robust yet straightforward model that has proven so on-target that it is now integrated into our corporate succession planning systems & tools.”
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