The SKS Leadership Development Program: Building Strong Leaders

The profound impact on individuals and organizations 

We recognize the increasing demands on leaders at all levels of the organization, from first-line supervisors to senior-level leaders. In our conversations with leaders every day, we hear how challenging it can be to ensure employee engagement, nurture key relationships, solve complex problems, and drive measurable results in today’s increasingly unpredictable environment. 

For these reasons, we are thrilled to spotlight the SKS Leadership Development Program! In a time wrought with rapid change and ever-increasing demands on leaders – we’ve created a structured, systematic approach to leadership development, identifying the most critical agents of change and targeting them in a clear, concise, and easy to follow program. The SKS Leadership Development Program is a focused and effective way to develop leaders and hi-po employees at every level. From executives to individual contributors, the impact of intentional leadership development efforts reaches far beyond the leader themselves. Investing in the development of just one leader has wide ranging impact on others throughout the organization and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. In this blog post we’ll share some of the details of the SKS Leadership Development Program and, most importantly, how it affects individuals and organizations in a profound way. 

Contrary to what we might like to believe, leadership development does not just happen. While some leadership skills develop naturally, over time and with experience, more intentional action is often necessary to strengthen and optimize leadership effectiveness.It takes time, effort, and commitment to make meaningful changes in one’s leadership presence and impact. The consultants at SKS are educated and trained in just what it takes to position leaders of all levels for successful growth and development.  

In the SKS Leadership Development Program, a leader: 

  • Is partnered with a dedicated SKS Consultant, a doctoral level psychologist and expert in leadership and human behavior, who will serve as a guide and coach throughout the entirety of the process   
  • Reflects on their current and future leadership presence, clarifying their leadership vision and analyzing their strengths, opportunities, and the impact of their organizational context   
  • Harnesses the use of science backed, data driven insights, in combination with exploratory coaching conversations, in order to develop concrete, specific leadership development goals that are clearly linked to organizational objectives   
  • Identifies just what it will take to reach those goals, including the development of specific action steps associated with each goal 
  • Explores the SKS blueprint for leadership success: Mindset, Experience, Practices, a proprietary Leadership Development Model for enhancing leadership skills, performance, and impact by leveraging key principles of human behavior change to create meaningful, and sustainable, movement 
  • With the support of their consultant, shares their completed Leadership Development Plan with their key organizational stakeholders, thus ensuring effective alignment and engagement from all parties prior to plan implementation

Leaders who have participated in the SKS Leadership Development Program value the clarity this program brings to what can otherwise feel like an ambiguous and intangible effort. They appreciate the ways in which the program is intentional in linking individual development to organizational needs and opportunities, and providing a unique, but also accessible, way of understanding the key components of leadership development.  

Are there leaders in your organization that have the potential to reach the next level, and would benefit from some structure and guidance in doing so? Contact SKS today for more information at [email protected] or 952-926-9852.


“The SKS Leadership Development Program provided an opportunity to increase my effectiveness and impact as a leader. As an executive leader, I navigate a wide variety of issues each week and SKS provided me insight on how to bring more compassion and empathy working through those issues. The program has had a positive effect both organizationally and personally.”

– Executive Leader, Farm Credit

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